Do you feel like a writer and do you aspire as one? I enjoy writing and I am dying hard to perfect my skills in writing. Ten years ago, I have this imaginary titles on my mind about books I published but days are moving fast and still I haven’t started chapter 1 yet.

However, I quit my traditional job, the 8:00-5:00 Monday to Friday job to follow my dream as writer. Oh well, things are going alright as I write everyday of my life. Freelance writing is the source of my living and I can say that I am fairly surviving.

It’s so funny I came across these 20 Signs That You are a Writer thing and the more I felt that this is where I belong.  I hope I can stop procrastinating and just start on writing…oh well, check if you are one of us!

20 Signs That You are a Writer

It’s cute isn’t it? Oh well J.K Rowlings lend me a talent, throw me an inspiration, make me a success like you. I don’t have Harry Potter thing on mind but I know there can be something more! I will look forward to that.

And yes, keep on writing dreamer!


About Feby Lunag

A community development worker, researcher, climate, youth and women advocate and a freelance writer. A very passionate woman who loves family, work, adventure, world travels and most of all God.

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  1. Feby Lunag says:

    Thank you for the likes…let’s keep on writing! 🙂

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